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Grota Solna Selen - Lampy solne

Healing properties of salt lamps

Salt lamps saturate the air with negative ions, thus eliminating positively charged ions that are harmful to health.

Salt lamps are not mere decoration. They are first of all a source of positive influence on your health and well-being. They increase your resistance to stress resistance and help you to regain stamina.

Trace elements are released into the air by heating the salt crystal. Lamps are used for inhalation, in convalescent homes and health resorts. Additionally, the dim light of the salt lamp creates a pleasant, intimate and healthy atmosphere.

It has been noted that:

1. Plants grow faster and the harmful influence of water veins is minimized in rooms with a salt lamp.

2. Salt lamps absorb harmful radiation emitted by household appliances such as computers, TV-sets and microwaves.

3. Salt lamps help in treatment of cardiac diseases, rheumatism, bronchial asthma and hypertension.

4. Salt lamps placed in a child's bedroom will ensure long and deep night's sleep.

5. Salt lamps are ideal for the allergic as they reduce the number of bacteria, fungi and viruses in the air.

Each hand-made salt lamp
has unique and one-of-a-kind shape.

The lamp's colour depends on the amount of trace elements it contains.
Colour therapy (chromotherapy) lifts your mood and relaxes you. It counters emotional blockages and improves concentration. Grota Solna Selen - Lampy solne



As soon as the brine contacts the human body, it intensively affects the body, both the skin and the internal organs. When added to the bath, it facilitates the opening of skin pores and the ionic exchange between the body and the bath water. It helps the body to expel toxins and metabolic by-products such as: urea, uric and lactic acid, acetone and creatinine. In turn the body absorbs the minerals present in the brine.

As a result, positive changes start to take place in the body. The liver, kidneys and other excretive organs are relieved, while the immune and hormone systems are stimulated. The skin is left moisturised, firmer, more elastic and well-supplied with blood.
Grota Solna Selen - Sól termalna


● slows down the ageing of skin; moisturises, regenerates, smoothens and firms the skin

● speeds up the healing of wounds, stretch marks, boils, rashes and cellulite

● alleviates the symptoms of psioriasis

● has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties

● eliminates sweat odour

● soothes the nerves and facilitates falling asleep

● iodine richness prevents infections of the throat, larynx and bronchi

● boosts immunity to illnesses

● stimulates weight loss, relaxation, regeneration and convalescence
(Description obtained from www.zablocka.pl)

Zabłocka salt and brine mist:

Grota Solna Selen - Mgiełki solankowe


Packaging: 950 ml 

One litre of brine contains:

  • 110 mg of iodine,
  • 130 mg of bromine,
  • 800 mg of calcium,
  • 400 mg of magnesium.

    The rich chemical composition of the brine is a world phenomenon as the concentration of iodine ions rarely exceeds 25 mg / litre, and 30 mg / litre in the case of bromine.

    Zablocka brine mist has a uniquely high concentration of ions of many elements.

    Zablocka brine mist is valuable in the prevention of throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lung diseases. Iodine thins out the mucus coating these organs, bromine relives irritations and widens the bronchi to ease breathing, while calcium and magnesium facilitate the absorption of minerals and have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Zablocka brine mist can be used for rinsing the mouth and throat when first symptoms of pain in the throat, larynx and trachea appear. Brine can also be used for treating periodontal diseases, canker sores and bad breath. The mist can be used to raise the humidity in rooms to create a seaside microclimate. It can be diffused using a simple humidifier placed on a home radiator or special appliances such as vaporizers.

    Adding Zablocka brine mist to a humidifier results in:

  • adequate humidity of airways
  • elimination of bacterial, viral or fungal infections in airways
  • regeneration of respiratory epithelium
  • thinning out the mucus secretions
  • reduction of the swelling of the mucous membranes
  • elimination of bronchoconstriction  

    ZABLOCKA MIST is recommended for household use in:
  • disorders of the upper respiratory tract
  • chronic rhinitis and sore throat
  • before and after surgery to the respiratory tract
  • lower airways infections
  • certain acute and subacute cases of tracheitis and bronchitis
  • chronic bronchitis
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumoconiosis
  • bronchial asthma

    Counter indications:
    Inhalation must not be used in cases of:
  • exacerbating acute and chronic diseases and inflammations,
  • reduced patency or requiring surgical intervention,
  • vascular insufficiency, cancer and tuberculosis,
  • advanced bronchial asthma,
  • any disease involving hemoptytis and bleeding,
  • thyroid diseases.

    Consult a physician before using inhalation if suffering from one of the above-mentioned conditions. 

    In household conditions a 1% solution is usually used.
    (Description obtained from www.zablocka.pl)




    Grota Solna Selen - Sole do kąpieli

    Grota Solna Selen - Sole do kąpieli


    Grota Solna Selen - Sole do kąpieli


    Grota Solna Selen - Sole do kąpieli



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